Legalisation & Notarisation


M&N Group can offer a natural person to act as a director or designated member for your company. We would have to be completely confident about who the beneficial owners are and the activities of the company. Full ‘Know Your Client’ (“KYC”) information and details of long term liabilities, including mortgages or charges, and any on-going court cases or legal procedures being brought against the company will need to be provided.


M&N Group can provide multilingual support across all sectors and services. We have a network of qualified translation partners which allows us to have any type of document translated in many different language combinations. We can provide a fast and cost effective turn around for you and your clients’ translation needs.

To obtain a quote, please email with a copy of the document to be translated and provide the language translation required.

Whether you are just about to set up a company or need assistance with the ongoing compliance requirements of your existing company

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